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The Round Mountain Volunteer Fire Department is a rural 4/6 ISO rated volunteer department established in 1983 and located approximately 5 miles outside of Fayetteville, just off Hwy 16 east.


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Fire Chief:    Shane Wood   Shane Wood

Deputy Fire Chief:  Ronnie Wood   Ronnie Wood
Assistant Chief:    Jimmie Wood   Jimmie Wood





   Nathan Wood  Nathan Wood     Kasey Weathers  Kasey Weathers
   Steve Lewis  Steve Lewis    Lance Gaines  Lance Gaines
    Donnie Cryder  Donnie Cryder  




   JD DeMotte  JD DeMotte    Brian Reagan  Brian Reagan
   Jessica Wood  Jessica Wood    Will Barton  Will Barton
   Jimmy Gulledge  Jimmy Gulledge    Matt Sparks  Matthew Sparks
    Photo Coming Soon Randy Wood    Photo Coming Soon  Mark Pifer
    Photo Coming Soon  Kory Weathers      Johnathan Atha  Jonathan Atha
    Photo Coming Soon  James Wood      Photo Coming Soon  Joey Eiland
    Walter Jennings  Walter Jennings    Anthony Harder  Anthony Harder
     Jon Pianalto  Jon Pianalto    Jeff Fitch  Jeff Fitch
    Photo Coming Soon  Michael Cryder     Photo Coming Soon  Jacon Thompson
    Photo Coming Soon  Jeremy Selvey      Photo Coming Soon  Chris Williams 







We have been involved in technical rescue operations for the past three years, mainly through swift water rescue. We have 10 firefighters that have spent countless hours training for swift water rescues and all of us are certified through Rescue 3 International.
In April of 2004 we realized, along with the entire county, that there was a need for a larger and more organized effort for protecting the citizens of Washington County during natural disasters such as floods and tornadoes. In the last year alone we ran a total of ten swift water rescue calls. In the summer of 2004 we started coordinating with the Washington County Department of Emergency Management to organize a team that could handle swift water rescues, high angle rope rescue, confined space rescue,
trench rescue, and building collapse. We came up with firefighters from the 19 fire departments in the county to serve on the team. The county was divided into five sections or areas. These areas are east, south, west, Fayetteville and Springdale. The east team, which we are connected with, is comprised of the Round Mountain, Elkins, Goshen and Nob Hill fire departments. We cover all technical rescue situations that occur in the four departments areas as well as all swift water rescues that occur east of interstate 540 (West Fork, Whitehouse, Sunset and Winslow). We expect to run frequently to Madison County as well. We are equipped with a large array of equipment to handle nearly any situation that may arise. We have a 10 foot inflatable rescue boat and motor, numerous ropes, rigging and other specialized equipment to handle confined space and trench rescues. The Washington County Department of Emergency Management through federal grant money purchased all of this equipment. All of this equipment is carried on a 12-foot box trailer that is stored at our fire station number one. We have a total of 29 members, eleven of which are our firefighters. They are Will Barton, JD DeMotte, Lance Gaines, Jimmy Gulledge, Steve Lewis, Brian Reagan, Lance Selph, Jessica Wood, Jimmie Wood, Nathan Wood and Shane Wood. All but one has been certified in swift water rescue and six are already certified in rope rescue. Right now we are working towards getting all of our team members certified in all the areas of technical rescue. This should be accomplished by the end of 2006. Our equipment will be on display at the Country Breakfast on May 21st. We hope this service will add to the security of all residents in our community as well as Washington County as a whole.
     Shane Wood    


TRT Team   TRT Team   TRT Trailer   TRT Trailer   TRT Trailer   Swiftwater Training



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